Body treatments are like a facial for your whole body, they leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and loved. The idea behind the Hush Body Treatments is that it is just as important to cleanse and hydrate your body; the same way you do with your face.

Revitalizing Hush Body Polish *Coming Soon*

Target that sluggish feeling and skin that needs refining and hydrating, with high antioxidants
including ginseng, ginkgo biloba, bamboo and lavender; great for combating anti-aging. The polish is finished with an uplifting tangerine and rose dry oil which leaves skin softened and nourished.
Perfect for that winter pick me up or post holiday hydrating.

30 Minutes $55

Hydramax Radiance Facial $105
Hush Body Wrap $110
Reflexology Foot Massage $65

Hush Rejuvenating Contour Scrub *Coming Soon*

A detoxifying full body exfoliation consists of fine ground pumice infused with caffeine, sea kelp and uplifting grapefruit. Followed with the Tangerine and Rose Dry Oil for smooth and nourished skin. Perfect for a pre-holiday scrub or paired with a facial for that head to toe uplifting feeling.

30 Minutes $55

Hydramax Radiance Facial $105
Hush Body Wrap $110
Reflexology Foot Massage $65

Hush Body Wrap

Dry brushing prepares the skin for a luxurious Hush Wrap, choose from:

  • Organic Cocoa Cream Wrap – A luxurious blend of Cocoa Seed and coconut Oil infused with Vanilla and Bergamot will be massaged into the skin.  The relax in a warm wrap of natural cloth for a relaxing face and scalp massage completed with a grounding foot massage with sacred oils. Leave feeling deeply relaxed with skin feeling smooth, soft and nourished, this is an experience that lingers with you long after the treatment has finished.
  • Hot Oil Infusion– A holistic body oiling utilizing the power of pure plant essential oils to bring about wellbeing. Let us take you on a sensory journey to bring about balance, allowing for deep relaxation.

60 Minutes $120

30 minute scrub/polish $50

Coffee & Sea Kelp Contour Treatment *Coming Soon*

A highly effective and well loved treatment, it’s mood altering and body changing as well as giving your skin that well needed boost to smooth and even toned skin.  A vitamin and mineral anti-oxidant rich infusion of coffee and sea kelp is used to stimulate, detoxify and gently exfoliate the skin.  Your skin is now ready for the mineral rich wrap to help boost circulation and assist with challenging areas (let your therapist know any areas you would like her to focus on – cellulite, fluid retention and muscle aches) and relieve sluggishness from the skin.  A nourishing massage follows the lymphatic pathways draining toxins from your body.

90 Minutes $180

30 minute facial $70


Embark on a Hush Massage Journey through USPA where stress melts away and you will discover the powerful benefits behind our healing touch massage.

Relax, unwind and let go of your every day tension complete with heavenly aromas. Massage is one of the most effective ways to flush out toxins from the body and is the ultimate switch off for a busy mind. Take a deep breath and let Hush Spa take you away.

Hush Express Massage

Target an area of choice to release tension and stiffness to promote a feeling of relaxation and

30 minutes $60

Warm Stone Massage

A luxurious warming experience, heated stones are applied to muscles to alleviate stiffness and ease tension leaving you feeling warm and deeply relaxed.

45 minutes $80

Hot Oil Infusion

Soothe tired muscles with a relaxing hot oil massage designed to improve health and promote an
overall sense of well-being. Proven to reduce stress and promote wellbeing from the inside out.

60 minutes $105

Aromatherapy Massage

Combines the physical and emotional effects of gentle massage with the psychotherapeutic
properties of essential oils. You will be involved in the selection of these oils to influence them body, mind and sprit for physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Aromatherapy
Massage stimulates the body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems which improves the supply of
nutrients to the body tissues and aids the elimination of toxins.

60 minutes $115

Refreshing Eye Mask $25
Body Scrub $50
Express Facial $55
Foot Massage $30