Each Hush facial has been carefully developed to target your skin concerns, while taking you on a journey of relaxation. Using USPA Skincare range we promise a sensory journey, a transition from one state to another as a haven for physical and emotional replenishment. Every facial receives a full consultation and skin care analysis from our skin care therapists with home care advice to ensure long lasting results.

Hush Express Nourishing Facial

Ideal for all skin types needing the benefits of a therapeutic facial but short on time. We incorporate powerful plant serums, mud therapies and essential oils to treat your skin concerns.
Great as a weekly treatment or for those that want to trial the amazing products from UPSA’s range.

30 Minutes $70

Hush Lifestyle Facial

Bring your skin back to life with the Hush Lifestyle Facial.  Melt away tension with an aromatic inhalation followed by an aromatherapy face, neck and shoulder massage.  The use of holistic touch and highly active plant extracts will leave your skin revitalized ready for the weeks ahead.    Perfect as a series of facials to address chronic conditions.

60 Mins $135

Hush Concept Facial

The ultimate facial journey, each facial is tailored to your individual needs:

  • Age Defying Pure C Facial – instant radiance with potent forms of Vitamin C and Pure C
    complex serum. Skin will be smoother, brighter and hydrated.
  • Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial – Perfect for those needing a detoxifying skin treatment to
    remove impurities and congestion while restoring balance to challenged skin. This facial
    leaves the skin feeling deeply cleaned with an even and balanced complexion.
  • Hydramax Radiance Facial – Rich botanical extracts are using to diminish dry and dehydratedskin, redness and signs of premature aging. Skin will be plumper, more supple and hydrated.

Every concept facial includes a lymphatic arm stretch, our signature body palming and energy

90 mins $180

Scalp Treatment & Massage $30
Foot Massage $30
Hair Mask (recommend this to be kept on for 2-3 hours where possible) $25
Wash & Blow Dry $50

Hush Pro Dermal Facial Peels

Corrective skin treatments start in-salon with results maintained at home. Hush, with O Cosmedics, offers corrective treatments which include a full consultation, skin care analysis and advice on home care to ensure long lasting results.

A course of weekly treatments over 6-8 weeks is normally sufficient to change the cells’ behaviour with a monthly maintenance treatment thereafter to keep on track. Our goal for you is skin confidence, to be proud of your skin… you’ll never look back.

O Pro Dermal Planning corrective salon treatments are between 30-45 minutes and include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, customised peel and alginate rubber mask. Choose your peel below or let our
skin therapists advise the right one for you:

  • Pumpkin Enzyme Fruit Acid Peel; an effective yet gentle peel for all skins, especially sun damaged, aging and uneven skin tone.
  • Catalyst Retinol Peel; a Vitamin A, B3 and AHA Skin correction treatment for most skins.

45 minutes $125
Course of 3 $345
Course of 6 $630

Scalp Treatment & Massage $30
Foot Massage $30
Hair Mask (recommend this to be kept on for 2-3 hours where possible) $25
Hair Mask & Blow Dry $70